Evangelist Franklin Graham, in his attempt to use “Reefer Madness” style scare tactics, actually does a great job at pointing out some of the positive changes the United States has experienced during the Obama Administration. Four states HAVE legalized recreational pot, and all of their economies are thriving because of it. And yes, adult recreational use IS on the ballot in five states for this November.

And though we’ve come a long way, we’ve also only just begun. Even if all five states (Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada) voting to legalize cannabis in November approve their legalization, nine states is not enough. We cannot stop until the number of states with legal cannabis is fifty. We cannot stop until the longstanding stigma associated with cannabis has ended and people like Franklin Graham realize the futility of trying to frighten voters out of doing what’s right. Because the truth is, cannabis is not dangerous or harmful to our youth, our nation, or our future.

But thanks, Franklin, we’ll ignore your ignorant call to voters and take your comments as a compliment. Vote this fall to support cannabis legalization.