Benefits of Cannabis

This comment from AG Sessions is truly laughable, especially where he says “maybe science will prove I’m wrong.” Sessions either does not pay attention to scientific research on cannabis or he is aware of the scientific evidence that proves him wrong and completely ignores it. Sessions is a smart guy so we think he is just being deceptive. Lying. Alternative facts. Whatever it takes to suit his own narrative.

We’ve been writing for two weeks now on the recently published high level scientific findings on the efficacy of cannabis in reducing opioid abuse and addiction. Sessions’ statement about how the opiate abuse argument is a “desperate attempt to defend the harmlessness of marijuana” is also untrue. Those of us defending marijuana’s harmlessness (with or without the opioid argument) are not doing so desperately, we’re doing so because marijuana is actually harmless. We are doing so because we respect science.

We get it Mr. Sessions if you do not like cannabis and believe it is bad for America. That is your right in a free country. But it is corrosive to our democracy and to our legal system to have our top law enforcement officer lie and lie and then lie some more.

Are we asking too much to expect our top law enforcement officer to be straight with us? Should Sessions be impeached?

  • Fox Horse

    Sessions would be wise to be more concerned about a cure for his own argument regarding Russian ties.

  • terrycook

    Sure, impeach him! Then impeach Sen Schumer and Rep Pelosi and Sen Wyden and Merkley from Oregon and, well, why stop there? Impeach every single person in Congress and the courts that has lied! We want the truth don’t we? Impeach Obama–oops, he’s already gone–but as far as liars go, he was without equal. We should all stand in judgement when anyone lies. But then we’d all have to get really good at ducking.

  • reg

    The anti marijuana message has been shoved down people’s throats for so long now that people would rather die then try the healing cannabis. That tells you something. With one in three getting cancer now, we can’t afford any more lies or misinformation.