Once a state allows medical marijuana, talk within that state about allowing recreational marijuana virtually always increases.  This is because the states and municipalities and their citizens learn over time that medical marijuana businesses can behave responsibly and that regulation can work effectively. They also come to like the tax revenues legal marijuana generates.


A couple of days ago, The New York Times quoted one of our cannabis business lawyers, Hilary Bricken, in an article entitled, Providers of Medical Marijuana Face New Fears. The article was on Washington State’s efforts to greatly restrict (perhaps even kill) the medical marijuana collective garden system in favor of a recreational marijuana only regime and Hilary was quoted on that issue:

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In a sign of our confidence that Florida will soon be legalizing cannabis in one form or another, one of our cannabis business lawyers is there right now sitting for the Florida bar exam. We already have a lawyer licensed in Florida, but we think cannabis will be so big there, we want more. Florida

We have seen this before and we fully expect to see it again. And again.

First a state legalizes medical cannabis, then as the realities of that start to sink in, there is a push for legalization of recreational cannabis as well, usually with an emphasis on the benefits of capturing tax dollars. The shift from medical cannabis to recreational marijuana used to be counted in more like half-decades, but with the acceleration of legalization nationwide, we anticipate these timelines accelerating.
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