The refusal of online advertisers Facebook, Google, and Twitter to display cannabis business advertisements is, hopefully, a mere knee-jerk reaction that will soon be overcome. Google and Facebook aside, an unfortunately broad range of business-support services continue to give a cold-shoulder to legal cannabis industry pioneers, despite increasing support from government—all the way to the top—for the creation of a well-regulated marketplace.

Practically speaking, these hesitations by media behemoths give true “local” advertising operations an advantage in earning the marketing dollars available from legal cannabis businesses. Groupon was born in late 2008 as a local advertising-delivery platform in Chicago, IL. Two years later, Groupon was rumored to be valued—by Google—at over $5 billion. Surely, some savvy entrepreneurs are poised to be the cannabis industry’s leading Mad Men Ad…People.

What cannabis support industries do you see starting out locally and then eventually supplanting the big nationals in providing services to the cannabis industry (beyond cannabis lawyers, of course)?