Of all the states in which we have licensed lawyers, Nevada is by far the most frustrating. It is frustrating because Nevada voters voted to legalize medical marijuana 14 years ago, yet the state has yet to see “a penny in pot sales,” according to KTNV News. How can that be?

For years, the delay was due to the state’s failure to formulate a legal framework for its cannabis industry. That ended in 2013 when the legislature enacted SB374, which established a framework to make pot available to medical marijuana card holders, and imposed fees and requirements for growers, processors and dispensaries. It also contained provisions to continue to allow home-growing until 2016.

All good, right?  Wrong.

Since the state did its work to get cannabis to the people, local governments have done their work to keep cannabis from the people. As the KTNV News article notes, the Las Vegas city council has “placed a moratorium on all marijuana business applications and zoning permits.”

Our on the ground reports in Nevada tell us that both Las Vegas and Clark County will be getting their acts together on cannabis before the end of this year. It would be about time.