Though the City of Seattle currently has more than 200 medical cannabis access points, it will be getting only 21 retail marijuana licenses under I-502. Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes recommended to the Liquor Control Board (LCB) on Wednesday that Seattle be given at least 50 retail cannabis licenses. Mr. Holmes is seeking these additional licenses so as to better block illegal marijuana sales in Seattle.

City Attorney Holmes has some other recommendations for the LCB as well, including the following:

  • Change I-502’s method for measuring 1,000 feet from a sensitive area to the “common path of travel” instead of the current “as the crow flies” standard. This would free up more locations for cannabis
  • “Give licensing preference to existing medical marijuana facilities that otherwise comply with – or demonstrate the ability to come into compliance with –I-502 requirements.”

We agree with Mr. Holmes on both counts.  Seattle does need more than 21 retail cannabis stores and if it does not get them, we too are worried about illegal cannabis sales, especially if existing medical cannabis outlets are forced to close. We also think that favoring already existing and responsible medical marijuana operations makes good sense.