For Nevada's cannabis program to really take off, more testing labs will be needed.
What are you willing to pay for “safe marijuana”?

Without a doubt, Nevada’s revised medical marijuana program has been slow to start. And after a gruelingly competitive application process and significant administrative delay, only one Nevada dispensary is set to open for business going into August, and that’s Silver State

Marijuana Delivery ServicesSo, you want to start a marijuana delivery service? Not so fast. What you want to do may or may not be legal in your state.

State law varies significantly on the issue of cannabis delivery. Lawmakers have made cannabis delivery businesses illegal in some states, usually to avoid coming up against federal enforcement priorities

The cannabis industry must avoid giving fodder for a book like this.
The cannabis industry must avoid giving fodder for a book like this.

Noelle Crombie of the Oregonian blows the lid off Oregon’s lack of any real testing or standards for its medical marijuana products. In her series, “A Tainted High,” Ms. Crombie calls into question the safety of cannabis

Marijuana Banking in NevadaThe ever-changing world of marijuana banking just got more complicated in Nevada. Initially, First Security Bank of Nevada was one of only a few banks here in Nevada willing to accept deposits from medical marijuana companies. Now, First Security has reversed course by choosing to no longer accept marijuana businesses as a customer.

“The board

Medical Marijuana and NevadaLast week the Nevada Senate Committee on Finance unanimously voted to approve SB276 to reallocate dispensary licenses initially meant for rural counties, but never claimed. In total, there are eight licenses potentially up for grabs in Las Vegas and Three in the Reno area.

Although not previously reported, the bill also includes a provision that

Nevada MarijuanaIn March, Nevada Democratic Senator Tick Segerblom introduced a new piece of legislation concerning production, manufacturing, distribution, and use of medical marijuana, raising a few eyebrows along the way. What makes Senate Bill 372 so interesting is that it will allow veterinarians to issue medical marijuana cards to pets if their owners are Nevada residents