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Cannabis things included.

Two years ago, we published a series of posts about the cannabis industry’s embrace of the Internet of Things (“IoT”)—the network of physical objects connected through the Internet—for use in everything from garden sensors to dispensers. In that same series, we also discussed some of the potential

Consolidation, Connection and Automation Differentiate Blockchain from Current Technologies

Following my last post about blockchain technology and the cannabis industry, a Canna Law Blog reader commented, “[m]aybe I’m missing something. How is this better than just scanning a barcode when the item changes hands like they do with FedEx?”

Great question. I asked similar questions

Cannabis trademark lawyerWe’ve written extensively on cannabis trademarks and the unique issues posed by the fact that cannabis remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. Some of the highlights can be found here:

Big Companies and CannabisIt has been a busy week for Microsoft. Fresh off Monday’s announcement that it is acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, the company yesterday unveiled its first foray into the cannabis industry. Microsoft, through its newly-created Microsoft Human Services Pod for Managed Service Providers arm, will begin marketing software designed to help states administer recreational and medical cannabis programs through seed-to-sale tracking that ensures no cannabis is lost or stolen along the supply chain. The move comes in the form of a partnership with KIND Financial, a financial services company that serves the cannabis industry. Microsoft and KIND plan to integrate KIND’s Agrisoft Seed to Sale for Government software into Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

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